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Case Results

Norfolk:  Rape Jury Trial, Client Found Not Guilty by Unanimous Verdict

Chesapeake:  DUI 3rd Offense Felony, Case Dismissed

Fairfax: Malicious Wounding Felony, Case Dismissed

Virginia Beach: DUI, Case Dismissed

Virginia Beach: Assault on a Police Officer, Reduced to Simple Assault

Virginia Beach: Drunk in Public, Case Dismissed

Virginia Beach: Protective Order Dismissed

Suffolk:  Reckless Driving, Case Dismissed

Virginia Beach: Reckless Driving Accident, Case Dismissed

Chesapeake:  Hit and Run, Case Dismissed

Norfolk:  Reckless Driving Accident, Case Dismissed

Hampton: Reckless Driving, Case Dismissed

Newport News:  Possession of Controlled Substance by Inmate, Case Dismissed

Client Reviews

Disclaimer: All reviews are by actual clients, names have been removed for privacy purposes.

"Thanks to Mr. Pettrey I'm free as a bird instead of a jailbird"

"Mr. Pettrey worked tirelessly through my trial and appeal to get my charges reduced from misdemeanors to minor infractions. Even though he was not successful at my trial, he subsequently got both of my charges reduced at the appeal. I was concerned about having a criminal record considering I am a defense contractor with a pretty high security clearance and I was worried that I would lose my clearances if I was convicted. Mr. Pettrey kept me updated regularly with phone calls, teleconferences, and email about my cases and the options that he was trying to work out that would be beneficial to me. He stayed in contact with me throughout and asked me if his options were in line with what I wanted to happen to my cases. I appreciated his honesty about my chances and dedication to find a resolution that I could live with. He did just that. He got my reckless driving down to speeding 19 miles over the limit. A 4 point violation instead of a 6 point violation and no misdemeanor charges. He also got my driving on a restricted license (another misdemeanor) reduced during the appeal. I am very, very happy with the way things turned out for me with Kevin's help and I highly recommended him and his firm to anyone with similar issues."

"Excellent lawyer who stayed on top of my case and never left me wondering what was going on"

"Faith is what my family chose; when we pick Mr. Pettrey. I was trapped in an inescapable corner. Where I thought my life would be over. When other lawyers had an unbelievable price range. Mr. Kevin Pettrey work with my family. This was the hardest point in my life and god gave me someone who would help. So from the bottom of my heart; I would say Mr. Kevin Pettrey is the man you want to assist you with your problem"

"Mr. Pettrey is an excellent trial attorney and strategist. He is smart, knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Most importantly, he won our case. I practice law in Washington DC, and retain Mr. Pettrey for any important issues I have outside the DC Metro area."


"He was very knowledgeable about my case and always kept me informed of what was going on at all times. He kept me in the loop and explained to me what the next steps in the process were going to be. He was also very honest about the potential outcomes of the case, which I really appreciated. If you need a good lawyer you can trust, Kevin Pettrey is the guy to call."