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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

We defend people charged with any type of crime

If you are charged with any crime, you should have a lawyer. And when choosing a lawyer you should find one that is dedicated to defending individuals in criminal cases. You should find one that has a record of winning and one that has the respect of the police officers and prosecutors involved in your case. Kevin R. Pettrey, Esq., is that attorney.

When you are charged with a crime, the government has nearly unlimited resources to go after you, do you have someone with resources to defend you? No defendant can intelligently face the government alone, and trying to do so can have horrible consequences. We are the first line between you and the government, making sure that you do not say something you shouldn’t, making sure that the government is honest in their case, and going the extra step to find any and all evidence to DEFEND YOU.

If you want a legal team that will stand toe-to-toe with the government, and a lawyer that the prosecutor knows won’t accept a cheap deal, CONTACT US TODAY!


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