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Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes are some of the most stigmatized crimes in our system

They are so high-profile that there are movies and television shows just about sexual crimes, and the media clamors for stories about them.  Many attorneys are uncomfortable with sex crimes or have little experience in them.  We have defended clients charged with rape, carnal knowledge of a minor, child pornography possession, distribution, and manufacturing, and sexual assault. In Norfolk, Mr. Pettrey defended a Navy sailor charged with rape, convincing a jury to find the man not guilty. These crimes are very serious, and have to be treated very seriously.  There are many defenses that can apply, and only a skilled attorney with experience in sex crimes can fully explain these defenses.
Often, expert witnesses and doctors can be used to cast doubt on the government's case against you.  There are also very particular requirements that must be met when defending a sex crime, such as rape, if certain evidence is going to be used to defend against the charge.  The procedure to defend these cases is complicated, and we have the experience to navigate the system.
Prostitute in pink stockings leaning against car
Prostitution is also considered a sex crime, and can have serious and long-lasting effects on a person.  Most commonly today, men are charged with solicitation after getting caught in an undercover "sting."  Often the defendant will meet someone online, most often in popular online classified ad posting websites.  The defendant will speak or text briefly with a woman who will invite him to a hotel room.  Once in the hotel room, there is brief conversation, before police officers come into the room. The other common scenario is the street pick-up. This is the most common way for the actual prostitute to be charged.  There are defenses to these crimes that a skilled defense attorney can advise you on.

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