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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are considered any offense where one person is alleged to have injured another

Most often, people think of murder, but it can also mean malicious wounding, assault and battery, domestic violence, and many other charges.  We have successfully defended clients charged with many violent crimes.  Malicious wounding is an offense that is often over charged.  Over charging means that while a crime may have occurred, it is not as serious of a crime as the one charged.  Often simple assaults are turned into serious felony malicious wounding charges by the police or prosecutor.  Often, in violent crimes, the case turns on the defendant's intent, or mind set. In legal terms, it is known as mens rea, but all you need to know is that there are specific things the government must prove, and we are prepared to do everything we ethically can do to stop them from proving it against you.
Domestic violence, or spousal abuse, is simply an assault and battery where the victim is a family or household member of the defendant.  Many of these charges ultimately result in a dismissal because the alleged victim wishes to drop the charges.  But be warned that the prosecutors in many cities throughout Hampton Roads are still pushing the cases to trial, attempting to force testimony from the victim, or threatening the victim with jail for changing their story.  You need to have an attorney, like Mr. Pettrey, who has handled countless domestic violence cases to reach the result you want.

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