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We have represented hundreds of people fighting for their children.

As a family law attorney in Chesapeake, VA we have experience with a variety of divorce cases throughout the area. Every divorce is emotional and you need an experienced divorce lawyer that can point you in the right direction, without considering the emotions of your case. The most complicated cases are those that involve children, and attempting to handle a child custody dispute without experience is risky. We have represented hundreds of people fighting for their children. Having been a child that went through the system with divorced parents at a very young age, Kevin R. Pettrey is a child custody lawyer that understands the importance of these cases to the parents as well as the children.  If you are facing a divorce or a child custody dispute and you or your spouse are in the military, let our years of experience representing service members as a military divorce attorney fight for you. Military divorce presents unique issues of support and equitable distribution, and military service creates complicated details in child custody and visitation arrangements as well. For more focused information, click one of the links below:
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