Q: Do you notarize documents?

A: Yes - I am a notary public and can notarize most any and all documents that require a notary or a commissioner of oaths.

Q: Do you act for clients on other matters, like wills? Divorce? Traffic court?

A: While I don't practice family or criminal law, I have extensive experience and continue to act for clients in a number of different matters. Yes, I draft wills, powers of attorney, and advanced health care directives ("living wills"). Yes, I can help with a divorce, if both parties already agree on the terms, and I do co-habitation/prenuptial agreements and marriage contracts regularly for my corporate clients. Yes, I can help with traffic court. I can also assist in the defence of regulatory offences, and have significant experience in defending clients on charges under the Fisheries ActEnvironmental Protection Act, and Migratory Birds Convention Act.

Q: How much does it cost to talk?

A: I don't charge for a short initial consultation, or for an initial telephone call. Once we talk and determine whether or not I can assist you, then we'll talk about how much those particular services cost. You can decide after that whether or not you want to hire me as your lawyer. Being a small, lean firm means I'm often able to help you on your terms - with some services provided flat rate, which gives you certainty in your legal bills and the ability to properly budget for your legal fees.


Q: Do you have an office?

A: I'm a mobile lawyer! That means I work for you from wherever is most convenient for you. We can meet at your office or home, or another location. I have a boardroom that I use for larger meetings, but otherwise I don't rent space so I am able to pass along the overhead savings to you. Plus you don't have to take time out of your day to come to me, find parking, etc.

Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Like many of my modern-day clients, I accept modern-day forms of payment. Email money transfer, Paypal, Square, Stripe and credit card are all acceptable. And of course cash and cheque are still great too. And if you know of another revolutionary way to pay, I'll consider it!

Have other questions that I haven't answered here, or suggestions for FAQs? Send me an email, and I'd be happy to answer!